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Introduce the Ostrich Pillow – Napping Invention

Saturday 13 October,2012  | by Ostrich Pillow | Comments (0)

A man from Hampshire has come up with an invention that makes it more comfortable for people to nap, wherever they are – The Ostrich Pillow.
Ali Ganjavian, 33, has come up with a balaclava device which takes inspiration from a luxury pillow. Crossing the two together, he has come up with a portable creation that will give you the chance to indulge in a brief, refreshing break during the day.
Named after the way in which ostriches are said to stick their head in the sand (which they actually don’t!) the Ostrich Pillow is a luscious, duvet-like padded balaclava with space for your mouth and nose, with compartments at the top for your arms to fit in.
Explaining why he decided to put his effort into the Ostrich Pillow, Ganjavian said: “We spend many hours working all day and sleep is an essential part of our day, so I thought why not create a product that can help us unwind at work?” Ganjavian currently lives in Madrid, Spain’s capital, and created a Kickstarter campaign to get his idea off the ground. With positive reviews from a number of publications, it’s expected to become a hit.
“I think it’s a useful product that makes you smile whenever you see it,” Ganjavian said, and the public seem to agree. With its £50 price tag, it managed to sell 500 in its first week. Despite the popularity, Ganjavian has said that it needs at least 70,000 sales to keep production flowing. There are 15 days left of his Kickstarter pledge, so donate if you believe it could be an office staple.
Would you buy one of these? Would you use it at work, when you need an energy boost?

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