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Here are some common questions for using OSTRICH PILLOW:
1.How long is the best for a power napping?
Studies have shown that around 20 minutes is ideal.

2.Can Children use it ?
Yes, however please note it is not designed as a toy and children under a certain age should not use it without parent supervision.   

3.How do you breathe?
OSTRICH PILLOW has an opening on the front side allowing you to breathe through your nose or mouth.

4.Is the OSTRICH PILLOW stuffed with feathers?
No. OSTRICH PILLOW is stuffed with synthetic stuffing for maximum performance and lightness.

5.Can I put OSTRICH PILLOW in the washing Machine ?
Yes, Washing Instructions are included with the product.

6.Can it be used whilst having a bath?
To preserve the optimum performance of the pillow, we recommend that the pillow be kept dry when in use.

7.What do I say to people who accuse me of being lazy by napping?
Tell them that in fact, you are working on being more efficient by napping, and then drop the following facts:
* In a six-year study, researchers found that those who took naps at least 3 times a week had a 37% lower risk of heart-related death. Hence I will be around for longer! How about you?
* NASA studies have proved that brain function improves dramatically when taking a nap.
*  Naps help improve motor performance, accuracy and moods.
* NBA Players have been known to nap regularly, especially before games to help with performance.
If that doesn’t convince them buy them one and let them try it for themselves. They will soon get it!

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