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Designers invent ostrich pillow naps

Wednesday 10 October,2012  | by Ostrich Pillow | Comments (0)

Designers have come up with what they claim is the perfect solution for resting on the go - an Ostrich Pillow for power naps.
The quirky invention is placed on the head allowing people to comfortably rest their head on any surface, while blocking out visual and aural distractions, reported.
Design studio Kawamura-Ganjavian and product innovators Studio Banana Things are now seeking funding for their idea through renowned creative crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.
They say their product will help over-tired workers as they claim a 20 minute power nap can increase productivity by 37%.
Ali Ganjavian, co-founder and designer at studio Kawamura-Ganjavian, says: "Seeing as we all spend more and more time at work, in front of a computer screen or in transit and less time relaxing, we thought why not create something that helps us recharge. That's how the Ostrich Pillow came to life."
Pablo Carrascal, of Studio Banana, explains: "The pillow was conceived by accident. One day we had an old sweater lying on a table in the studio and someone put his head through the neck of the sweater from the outside and his arms through the sleeves. It was so comfortable we decided to produce a prototype."
The company currently have 565 backers on Kickstarter with $43,783 pledged of the $70,000 goal needed to bring the Ostrich Pillow into production.

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